Mike Harden 

Training with Sensei Bruce Jones and fellow black belts.

Dog sledding in the Arctic Circle (40 below zero)

Executive Security Escape & Evasion

Training in Silat Suffian with Master Maul Mornie.


Mike Harden (MAJ) is a former Army Ranger with decades of experience in self-defense and personal protection. He is a second degree black belt in Ju Jitsu and a certified Taiho Jitsu instructor. Additionally, Mike is a trained edge weapons combat practitioner and instructor, and is certified with the police ASP baton.

Mike enjoys boxing, and has also studied and trained in Israeli Krav Maga and Bruneian Silat Suffian.

Mike trains individuals and groups in self defense, martial arts, knife fighting, personal safety, home security, and escape and evasion techniques.

In Thailand training on edged weapons with Tom Sotis of AMOK.

Cageless Shark diving in the Bahamas

Having a cigar in Pamplona after a successful running of the bulls.