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Executive Security Escape & Evasion is dedicated to teaching people how to become more secure and safe in their personal and professional lives. We offer training on self defense, home and business security, and how to escape and evade home invaders, carjackers, abductors, kidnappers, and terrorists.



If you are concerned about the increase in crime (home invasions, assaults, abductions, carjackings, and burglaries), then wouldn’t being prepared and trained in how to prevent and defend yourself and your family against these crimes be a high priority?

If you have college age children who will be away at school, then wouldn’t the knowledge that they are safe and have the skills needed to protect themselves make you, as a parent, feel a little more comfortable?

If you (and your family) do a lot of traveling, then wouldn’t being able to survive an airplane crash or a hotel fire be a valuable set of skills?

If you travel overseas for business, then wouldn’t knowing how to handle yourself in a foreign country, and being able to evade possible terrorists or hostile crowds, make your time overseas less worrisome?

If you could obtain the skills that will allow you to escape from frightening situations where you may be abducted, held hostage, or brutalized, wouldn’t you want that peace of mind?

Executive Security Escape & Evasion (ESE&E) will teach you what you need to know to protect yourself and your family in a wide range of deadly and dangerous situations.​

Training sessions

why is this training important to you?

Active Shooter training

Learn the secrets of SERE Training, Army Rangers, Special Operations, CIA, and other covert operators.


​1 in 5 homes will experience a home invasion or break-in

8,000 take place each day

60% of all kidnap victims die, even though the ransom has been paid

200 Americans were kidnapped in Mexico in 2014

60% of all rapes take place during a home invasion

49,000 carjackings happen each year in the US

In light of all the recent incidents of active shooters, ESE&E is offering a workshop on how to prevent an active shooter incident, and what to do if one happens at your work site. For a flat fee of $1,000 per location, ESE&E will conduct a two hour workshop for up to 25 people.

To schedule a workshop, or for more information, please call Mike Harden at 703-404-5938, or you can fill out our contact form under the "Contact" page.