Seven Ways to Disable an Attacker in 2-3 Seconds (From January 16th self-defense class for high school and college-age girls)

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Self defense class for Washington Humane Society employees and field personnel

Personal Safety, Anti-kidnapping, Anti-carjacking class, October 5th

No classes schedule at this time. Check Class Schedule  for details.

Travel Safety Workshop in Detroit to 100 CEOs and their spouses

December Personal Safety Workshop, Home invasions, lock picking

January Workshop, Personal safety, travel safety, escape & evasion

Escaping from duct tape. Teaching our young ladies how to escape from an abductor.

November YPO Executive Security Workshop

Student learns how to pick handcuff lock

March Workshop, Security, travel safety, anti-kidnapping, excape & evasion

October Travel Safety Workshop

Executive Security 
Escape & Evasion

Executive Security

Escape & Evasion

ESE&E offers a range of classes covering topics that enhance your personal security and protection. Classes are typically broken into: Personal & Family Protection, Executive Security, and Travel Safety. Here are some of the topics covered in our various classes:

  • How to prevent Home Invasions, and what to do if a Home Invasion happens
  • What to do if You Are Kidnapped or Carjacked
  • How to Employ Situational Awareness 
  • What to do if You Are Being Followed
  • What to do in an Urban Crisis (riots, natural disasters, etc.)
  • Surviving an Airplane Crash
  • Surviving a Hotel Fire or Break-in
  • Taxi Safety & Survival
  • Being Safe in Foreign Countries
  • How to Escape from Duct tape
  • How to Escape from Rope
  • How to Escape from Zip Ties
  • How to Escape from Handcuffs
  • Escaping from a Locked Car Trunk
  • How to get through doors by picking locks
  • How to Survive an Active Shooter in Your Building
  • How to Escape from a locked car trunk
  • How to defend yourself against an armed attacker
  • Tools of the trade (what you need to survive & escape)

Additional classes that may be offered:

  • Defense against a gun or knife attack
  • High school and college-age student safety & security